Västhamnens Sportfiskeförening
( Västhamnens  Sportfishing Association ) 


An active angling club with its own fishing spot on the central Västhamns pier in Helsingborg. Fish location and clubhouse is open year round!

The association consists of approx. 430 members

On the Västhamns pier, which is central evidence in Helsingborg, we have our own fishing spot with clubhouse. Fishing is open to all our members and visitors who solves a short time. Club house is open (only when our staff is in place) so you can take a short break or shelter during bad weather.

Right next to our clubhouse, we have a parking lot with free parking for everyone who visits us.

Member Activities
During the year we have a wide range of activities for our members. They can, for example composed of member meetings, tours, competitions, meetings and information sessions.
As a member to participate in various competitions at cost.

Examples of events we usually have
- Cod fishing on the pier
- Flat fish bait on the pier
- Fly fishing in different waters
- Garfish Fishing on the pier
- Boat Fishing on the RÅÅ boats

Member Card 2010
Individual Member: 500: -    (Swedish krona )
Youth 10 to 16 years: 100.-  (Swedish krona )

If you are over75 years.Do you get free membership card.You must show identification (we must have your egistered in the member directory)

Membership fee paid by the easiest additions to our plusgiro: 72 37 01 - 9,
but can, if necessary, resolved by our staff while visiting clubhouse.

Day pass
Day pass: 50: -    (Swedish krona )
Youth day card
Youth day pass: 20: -  (Swedish krona )
(Age 10-16 years )

Resolved by our staff while visiting clubhouse.

Fish species commonly caught on our pier

The gate to the Västhamns pier
is closed between at: 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.